Creators Update breaks Windowed G-sync; here is the fix!

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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s gsync as well.
    I’m playing The Witcher 3 mostly but it happens in all games.

    This method didn’t work for me though. I’ve done the following:
    – Disable Game DVR in the xbox app and trough the registry
    – Disable fast boot
    – Restart
    – Disable VSync
    – Run full screen, borderless window and windowed

    The FPS still drops from a steady 60fps on ultra before the update to 30 fps at best.
    I’m running an i7-7700k with 32gb of ram and a GTX 1080 SLI so no bottlenecks there.

    Hopefully it will be fixed soon because this is unbearable!

  2. me too, don’t worry nvidia will change parameters and we will find back enjoyment of G-Sync !
    i was a few disturb yesterday then i just switched for a gtx 1080 ti in same time.

    2 solutions :
    – disable g-sync if you are over 60 fps and active v-sync
    – try to be between 30-60 fps but not over 60 fps with g-sync

    In this case you will have g-sync activated betwen 30-60 fps or v-sync if over.

    Good enjoy and wait for the fix !

  3. With my current setup I hit the 60fps cap with gsync enabled.
    Now however, no matter if gsync/vsync is enabled, it wobbles around 20-35 fps.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see… very frustrating

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