Crysis Ransomware Decryption keys have been released

Decryption keys for the Crysis Ransomware have been released to the public by the malware developers. The keys will help affected users decrypt Wallet ransomware encrypted files, which is a part of the Crysis family of ransomware.

crysis decryptor

Crysis Ransomware Decryption keys available

The keys were posted by the user on BleepingComputers and you can find these keys on PasteBin. These keys can also be used to decrypt files which have been encrypted with .wallet and .onion extensions.

Based on these keys, a  Crysis Decrypting Tool has been developed by Eset which you can download by clicking here. Avast has also released a Crysis Decryptor Tool which you can download from their website.

This is not the first time that Crysis developers have released keys to the public. Why have they done this? Maybe they found that this particular ransomware strain had run its course or maybe they felt that those who could pay had already paid and maybe they don’t want the others to suffer. Who knows!?

Ransomware is here to stay and you need to be alert & secured at all times! While there are some basic steps one can take to prevent ransomware, including making use of some free anti-ransomware software, it can still happen that you end up being a victim of some ransomware. If ever you have the misfortune of being infected, these Ransomware Decryptor Tools may help you by unlocking your files.

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