Cyberfox will shutdown in 2018: Why is this happening?

Firefox is one of the most used web browsers for over a decade, and since then, it has garnered several forks. One of the popular forks of Firefox we’ve come to love ever since it came on the scene back in 2012. However, not everything travels down the straight and narrow road. Some good things must come to an end, and Cyberfox is that good thing.

Cyberfox browser to shutdown



Cyberfox began life back in 2012 as a fork of Firefox that was designed to overcome to shortcomings of Mozilla’s favorite web browser, and from our point of view, the developer did a solid job. As it stands right now, the developer is moving to end development of Cyberfox within the next 12 months.

Why is this happening?

The reason behind this move is because the developer is no longer enjoying what he does. He said his heart is no longer fully invested in keeping Cyberfox up and running, and this appears to have a lot to do with the excess work having an effect on his personal life.

He explained that some of his dreams were pushed aside to focus on developing the web browser. Furthermore, his lifestyle has declined over the years, but he did not go on to give immense details into the situation at hand.

What’s going to happen now?

Well, Cyberfox 52.0 is here, and with that, Windows Vista will no longer be supported. Furthermore, the browser has switched over to Firefox 52.0 ESR branch, which ultimately means the browser won’t receive updates after the first 12 months.

From what we can tell, there’s a good chance the browser won’t get a new lease of life, for as it stands right now, the developer is going through some health problems that doesn’t give him the luxury of developing Cyberfox during his spare time.

“We thank you greatly for all your support this is a sad choice but one that couldn’t be avoided. This has been a very hard choice to make but lifestyle and future direction changes needed to be made most importantly are the lifestyle changes. Cyberfox is still going to be as great as ever for the ESR cycle,” according to the developer.

The option is there for anyone to copy the Cyberfox source code in hopes of continuing the work. However, the developer has no intention of giving up the trademark name, so one should not expect to see the rise of Cyberfox anytime soon after its demise in 2018.

It’s sad to see this wonderful we browser go, but luckily, folks have several options to choose from that are close to Firefox, but still not Firefox.

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