Demo Video: The $35 Tablet PC, Sakshat, from India

The $35 Tablet PC, Sakshat, from India was received with skepticism in most circles. However, this Tablet PC was reviewed by Gadget Guru on NDTV, a few days back.

UPDATE: The Sakshat Tablet will launch by June 2011. end.

Watch the video of the TV program where GOI HRD Minister Kapil Sibal joins Vikram and Rajiv to tell the world more about the $35 laptop.


Some Features & highlights of the video:

  • Its not buggy and WORKS!
  • Microsoft has offered Windows CE to the Govt of India
  • Google already in further talks with GOI
  • It has Virtual keyboard, Stylus, Resistive Touchscreen, 2 GB RAM, WiFi, Sim card, USB, Video output, Camera, etc.
  • Runs on Android OS
  • It wont be retailed at this price.
  • A Million pieces will be available in 2011 at $35 to institutions & students
  • The hardware is strong enough to handle the software smoothly.

Source: NDTV.

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