Design a better Windows 8 logo for fun and win $295

Microsoft just released a new logo for Windows 8.  The blue-colored squares did find a fan base amongst followers with many appreciating it. But is that the best? Or could it have been better? If you think it could have been better, then the next few lines will probably interest you.

99Designs has initiated a competition to get a ‘better’ Windows 8 logo from independent designers. It is a contest for fun – so don’t expect that your logo could be selected as the next logo for Windows 8! Named as “Redesign Microsoft’s Windows 8 Logo – Just for Fun”, this competition maybe for fun – but the winner takes all of the US $295. 

It will be open for designers who can submit their creations till Saturday 25th, 2012 (06:07 am). Later, a few designs will be shortlisted for the final round wherein the ultimate winner will walk away smiling, richer by US $300. This ‘just-for-fun’ contest seems to be a good opportunity for dedicated designers who are also in for ‘fun’ and want to make a few quick bucks.

Microsoft recently unveiled the new Windows 8 logo amidst news of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview to be released on 29th February 2012 (Well, 2012 is a leap year). The words ‘re-imagine’ and ‘transform’ have always been associated with Windows 8 since its launch at BUILD last year and maybe that’s what provoked the designers resting inside the Microsoft building to spring into action and get together a new logo. From my point of view, this new logo does look decent, simple and yet carries a certain element of elegance. Windows 8 is indeed a big bet for Microsoft, with Windows Phone picking up only after the entry of Nokia and Bing still having a long way to go.

Anyway, we did spot a few interesting recent entries there:

Designers out there – if you wish to display your ‘geeky’ creativity and make some quick money, go ahead and participate in this competition. Visit here right away!

Wish you all the best!

Hat tip: ZDNet.

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