Why does Microsoft not want Windows 8 users to boot directly to Desktop!?

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  1. Looking this move from a design perspective actually makes sense. Desktop works as another metro app on Windows 8 just like the others. So, it would be inconsistent to open a specific app during the log in. Wouldn’t be strange to open automatically eg. the Mail app every time you log in?

  2. Sticking with Win7 on all my systems.
    Win8 which I have tested for my pc’s is stable but a pain in the ass to get around – especially in the technical end of things.
    I also like seeing my original desktop with my own icons, as the default view.
    I don’t like being bullied and when I am will resist even more so, such products!

    Stuff Windows 8!

  3. Things don’t look too good for Microsoft. If they keep up with this pattern, I will have to start doing more work with various Linux distros so I will be up to speed for the mass migration of family, friends, and neighbors who will be leaving Windows in droves.

  4. Is Microsoft trying to turn Windows into an ‘app’ OS, such as Android???? I hope not. I also think, like most, that Windows 8 is gonna be a flop just like Vista was. I just hope that they skip Windows 9 and go straight to Windows 10, or, like I hope they call it… Windows X.

  5. Microsoft. Making the rules and you WILL submit to them. Looks like it’s Ubuntu for my Asus slate!

  6. With the low cost of the upgrade and this I think MS has all but admitted defeat. Desktop users aren’t moving from W7 so all they’re left with is making it look like W8 was an alternative for Surface in particular and touch screens in general. Unfortunately for them it’s now way too late to be saving face!

  7. I’ll never use windows 8 nor pay for it. Another one bites the dust…”Up there with windows Vista…FAIL FAIL FAIL AGAIN! Microsoft

  8. 20 years with computers and i still cant get the “charms menu” to show up with whatever arcane mouse moves i’m supposed to do…i have to take my hands off the keyboard and flip the screen. I am always getting confused on how to do what with my mouse driven media PC and then my tablet..which is completely different ui interaction..right click anyone? i still havent found how to pin something to the taskboard with touch…AND IT SHOULDNT TAKE FIGURING. there is nothing more pleasant than trying to grab a little bar and drag horizontally when all your arm wants to do is arc across you body. dragging that damn long metro homescreen over and over to get to my programs is a godsend.

    And get this….AFTER DECADES OF PRACTICE.. ….they still cant get the stupid taskbar to hide and unhide realiably. And now you can add that screen keyboard to the mess..i cant tell you the issues i have had to get that to appear and disappear

    Even though I don’t have an alternative ( android is drving me crazy ..my bionic slowing and freezing eventually like it did on all the past generation phones and well, it would take THOUSANDS with expensive apple products to replicate my home system ) I AM GLAD TO SEE THEM FINALLY GOING DOWN.

  9. evry new comment I read about windows 8 moves me more distant from microsoft products.I dont own a cell phone..I know Gasp!
    so this phone concept on my desktop computer has no appeal to me at all.
    and I’m not certain if its true as I also dual boot Linux if it’s possible with win 8.
    and I hate hate hate having my choices forced on me!

  10. LOL> That’s what. Now we’ll scroll *right* and *left* in Win8. And yes, even the Print Preview and Reading View in MS Office 2013 moves document to *right* and *left* instead of top to bottom!!!
    With the kind of experiments they are doing, I am expecting new horizontal MS websites instead of a vertical scroll websites. 😀

  11. Mayb they should rename this one to Tiles 1.0 for portable devices and continue with a new Windows 8 for desktops?

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