Download all your Facebook information in a single file

During the recent Facebook event held few days back, Facebook launched a new feature which allows you to download all your information in one zip file. It acts like a small backup feature where it lets you to back up all info, including wall posts, photos, videos, friend lists, events you’ve joined, etc.

The video explains what you need to know about the Facebook Download feature.

Considering the security aspect, even if someone had access your Facebook password and if he tried to download all the personal information from your Facebook profile, he would not be able to download it, as when you do decide to download the information, the download link to the zip file, is then sent to the users registered email account!

This feature will be rolling out to everyone slowly.

What’s your view on this new feature ? How could it benefit you as a Facebook user ? Do share your views in comments below.

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  1. Darrell Thomas

    i have gone to my account settings on Facebook and i don’t see download my information any where so i’m a bit quizzed about this thanks from Darrell Thomas

  2. Darrell Thomas

    sorry i was meant to write puzzled not quizzed sorry lol

  3. Tom

    I don’t have that option on my account settings page either, what’s the deal?

  4. Hi – possibly because the feature is being rolled out to everyone gradually. It has been mentioned in the post by the author: “This feature will be rolling out to everyone slowly.”. 🙂

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