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Bored of using the same background theme for your desktop? Get a new one! Start your day with beautiful and amazingly refreshing new themes that Microsoft community showcase has to offer. The Community Showcase, as Microsoft names it holds a selective collection of photographs from renowned photographers’ world over. They have successfully captured the breath taking images that will render spectator speechless and hail their imagination as magnificent.

Community Showcase series


Microsoft has collated, themes for latest windows 8.1 in five different categories as Aqua, Terra, Fauna, Flora and improvised name, ‘’Art of the Everyday’’ Each category in a  community has 21 beautiful images to choose from.

As the name suggests, theme Aqua covers strikingly expressive images of water in all its forms. From rapid surging sea waves caught in their still forms to the leaves of a young climber layered with dew drops shining like pearls in the bright sunshine.

‘’Fauna’’ as in common parlance means animal life that is covered across various landscapes is passionately captured in amazingly stunning images for Microsoft community’s second category.

Knowingly or unknowingly we perform multitude of tasks every day without any deep or critical thinking and try to analyse it only when it is brought before us in a more simplistic manner. This is what Microsoft’s third category ‘’The Art of everyday’’ obliges us with. It has a collection of such pictures wherein a burning candle is illuminating a room whilst exhausting itself, the other shows formation of tyre impression on the sand as you move forward urging you to think, that past will continue to follow future.

Similarly the remaining two categories of Microsoft community too have collections of images that will delight the visual senses and inspire the intellectual or emotional admiration of a viewer.

For more information check out the Windows Experience Blog.

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