Dropbox Windows 10 app makes its debut on the Xbox One

Dropbox, the cloud storage management service, today announced that their Windows 10 app would be available for Xbox One soon, with the app now based on the new Universal Windows Platform.

Dropbox app on XBox One

With the new UWP, Dropbox is the latest app to take advantage and bring their product to more products from Microsoft. There are a lot of features that Dropbox has introduced exclusively for Xbox One. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Firstly, the new Dropbox app will let you access and edit all of your media content from your Dropbox account on to the Xbox One- including all photos, videos, documents and more. Add to that, you can also share and arrange all your content on the Dropbox app for Xbox One.

Secondly, the Dropbox app on the Xbox One will be able to stream videos stored on your Dropbox account without having to download them on your console. This lets you save some crucial space, making it accessible by the big files that video games tend to take up.

Thirdly, the Dropbox app on your Xbox One has a completely different look compared to PC, mostly due to customization done by the company for Microsoft’s console. This UI optimization will help make Dropbox a rather console-friendly app, with easy accessibility from your Xbox One controller that has limited controls.

This update means that Dropbox is now available on Windows 10 PC, Windows Mobile, and Xbox One, taking forward Microsoft’s focus on a unified platform for all apps. If you use Dropbox as a cloud storage hub and own an Xbox One, you might be interested in downloading the application. Here is the link to download the same.

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