FAQ: Media Center and DVD playback support in Windows 8

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  1. Thanks for clearing up this confusion with the media-pack. I’ll be ordering the Windows 8 Pro with Media Center. If I read it right, Media Center will work right out of the box?

  2. I would rather have VLC player, the best alternative for Media Player. If I read it correct, Windows 8 will be more like Windows 7 N with no Media Center/ Media Player. Also, there will be price for Media Center from now on. Why pay when I get VLC for free?

  3. I fully agree with you. When there are better free alternatives available, why go with half backed media center pack (no playback in wmp?). I will bet on Media Player Classic-HomeCinema or Xbox Media Center or MediaPortal or KMPlayer or ……so many legal freeware for my multimedia needs. For great codec support, Windows 8 Codecs from Shark007.net is stable and working flawlessly here on Windows 8 CP

  4. Very nice, good topic. Wherever, download K-Lite Mega Codec pack is usefull!

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