Edge Browser gets Sync Passwords, Bookmarks, Tabs Support

Microsoft’s earlier offering – Internet Explorer had many shortfalls to overcome. As such, the company decided to kill it and feverishly started working on Project Spartan, later changed to Edge for reasons best known to them.

Edge Browser gets Sync Passwords Support


Of late, we learn, in a Twitter Q&A session, held in Mountain View, California the Edge dev team confirmed the Edge browser support for features like syncing of bookmarks, passwords, history and tabs.

The above-mentioned features are highly desired so that users don’t lose their content as they travel to each device. The company did not disclose when these features would arrive, but assured, all of it would be coming in a future update. In a way, Microsoft detailed exactly how much of Internet Explorer’s technology the company has removed from its newly developed and upcoming Edge browser — and it’s a lot.

Most popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox offer integrated synchronization services. With the browser sync enabled, one can conveniently open tabs on a computer and access them on-the-go from his smartphone. For instance, if you have multiple computers, you can keep your bookmarks and settings in sync between them.

The good part is, syncing your browser data stores it in an account online, thereby offering an online backup. Even if you own a single device, browser sync ensures you don’t lose your bookmarks and other important data in case your computer fails.

The Q&A panel featured members of Edge browser team. People sent in questions via their Twitter handle, which the panel answered during the webcast later in the day. The questions were mostly related to the new rendering engine that’s being used in Edge, or how the extensions support works on the browser.

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