EMET 5.2 is now available with increased security protections

Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is now available with some functional improvements and enhancements. The latest version EMET 5.2 comes with some increased security protections which help users protecting the computer systems against the powerful hacking attempts.

UPDATE: The latest version as on 18th April 2017 is EMET v 5.52.

emet 5.2

EMET 5.2 New Features

  • The updated version of EMET comes with a new feature CFG (Control Flow Guard) which prevents the attempts of code hijacking. It is supported by Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • An improved Attack Surface Reduction which might mitigate the powerful exploitation technique VBScript God Mode used in the recent hack attempts. The improved ASR will stop the processes running VBScript extension Internet Explorer’s script engine.
  • The Enhanced Protected Mode enabled which further supports alerting and reporting from Modern Internet Explorer and desktop IE.

Microsoft’s exploit blocker EMET 5.2 is suitable for home computer users as well as the enterprise IT professionals helping them to protect their enterprise account and role policies. It is compatible with commonly used third-party applications by enterprises. EMET anticipates and blocks the common exploiting adversaries and  helps users protecting their Windows PCs against undiscovered threats or those not detected by the anti-malware software installed on their systems.

If you have not installed this free security tool from Microsoft, we recommend you install it on your Windows 8 PC, to further harden your computer’s security.

If EMET 5.2 crashes your Internet Explorer, click here to read the workaround. Microsoft is aware of this issue and working to fix it.

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