It’s raining Emojis on Windows 10: A complete redesign of Emojis under Project Emoji

Emojis is a separate language altogether – it’s a universal language that everyone across the globe understands. Emojis break the walls of language and race. Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings a complete redesign of Emojis under Project Emoji. The Emojis are redesigned to more attractive shapes and colors. Besides, various new Emojis have also made their entry with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in Emojis. Here is a snapshot of what all new thing you can see in Emojis on Windows 10:

Emojis on Windows 10

Changes in Emojis on Windows 10

Microsoft’s team mentions in one of its blogs that Emoji designers are constantly rethinking some of the basic characterizations of Emojis on Windows 10. The earlier designs used to exclude people. Now, with an advantage of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Emoji team designed and released more than 1700 new glyphs.

Emojis on Windows 10

The team mentions on Emojipedia,

“To start with, Microsoft today released Windows 10 Anniversary Update which includes a completely new Emoji design, full Unicode 9 Emoji support, as well as interracial and single parent families — a first for any operating system. This version of Windows includes over 52,000 new Emojis when all family combinations are taken into account. You read that right, fifty two thousand.”

Thus, Windows and Windows Phone users can now use more than 52,000 combinations of diverse women, men, kids, babies, and families. This is certainly way ahead than Emojis on any other mobile platform including iOS and Android.

Emojis on Windows 10

That’s not all. Emojis on Windows 10 also includes the redesigned Ninja Cat. The Ninja Cat is a new type of Emoji that became famous across young generation the most.

The new Emojis on Windows 10 is more human, more personal and more expressive. The Emojis too, represent Microsoft’s four key design principles; make it simple, universal, personal, and delightful. And the new Emojis on Windows 10 address these design principles to the fullest.

Know more about the changes in Emojis on Windows 10, read the complete blog on Emojipedia.

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  1. Ken

    Are these available on the preview builds?

  2. Cs PPP

    If they would just take away the outlines they would look nearly perfect! They’ve had the outlines forever now and I’ve always thought they look bad.

  3. James Fisk

    and how would we use these emoji’s on facebook, or instance in here (?)

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