Microsoft to end Support for Windows Essentials 2012 in January 2017

Windows Essentials 2012 Suite will reach the end of support by January 10, 2017, says Microsoft. We have been using the applications of Windows Essential Suite, like Live Writer, Movie Maker, Mail etc. for years, but with the end of support, its download links may soon be taken down from the download essentials end of support

Windows Essentials Suite 2012 download links may be taken down

While there were stories looming all over the web about the closure, Microsoft has finally decided to reveal the end date of support to Windows Essentials 2012. Users having the applications already installed on their PCs can still use them, but it will all be without any technical support from the company which might further lead to an increased security risk.

Windows Essentials 2012 launched back in 2006 is a suite of some really useful and free applications for Windows users. The applications work on every version of Windows, right from Windows XP to Windows 10. Most commonly used apps in Windows Essentials include Movie Maker, Family Safety, Writer, Windows Live Messenger, and Mail.

The users, however, need not worry because the company has decided to move some of the important and popular apps individually to the Windows Store. So if you want to download and install the Windows Essential apps you can get them separately from Windows Store after January 10, 2016.

Windows Live Mail, Photos, and Live Writer are already available as free built-in applications in Windows Store, however, these apps support only Windows 8.1 and above.  Family Safety which is now termed as Microsoft Family Safety and OneDrive are available as inbox features for Windows 8.1 and above version.

Movie Maker will soon be made available for free download in the Windows Store.  Head over to the official support web page to learn more about the alternative options for Windows Essentials 2012.

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