ESPN for Xbox 360 is dead; Long live ESPN for Xbox One

Microsoft Xbox One got another boost recently after ESPN decided to end its app on the Xbox 360 and focus on the version available for the Xbox One. This is no doubt sad news for those who are still using the Xbox 360, but this was bound to happen.

ESPN for Xbox One

The Xbox 360 is an old machine that is slowly being laid to rest by Microsoft due to the growing success of the Xbox One. The company can’t sustain its support for both platforms, so as expected, something has to give in the long run. The same can be said for the ESPN developers, especially with more and more folks switching to the Xbox One.

ESPN for Xbox One

As it stands right now, it is easier to get hold of an Xbox One when compared to when it launched back in 2013. At that time, the console was being sold for a whopping $499, but competition caused the price to come down faster than expected, and it also forced the software giant to end some features that didn’t resonate much with the gaming community.

Microsoft also added several missing features to the console that were available for the Xbox 360 along with some new ones. It is clear from our point of view that Microsoft wants the Xbox One to keep moving in the right direction, so for those Xbox 360 owners who are still on the fence, the time is ripe for an upgrade.

We also expect the price of the console to slip into the realm of $299 before the end of the year, so gamers could wait until that happens, but why? With Quantum Break coming out in just a few days, the time to upgrade should be now.

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