Excessively loud fan, constant overheating issues plaguing some Surface Pro 3 i7 users

It seems that even after 3 firmware patches in a month the bug that has been troubling some Surface Pro 3 users still remains unresolved. There have been several complaints reported for overheating and more buyers are confirming the same. The latest case to be reported (rather openly) comes via a post on Microsoft’s Answers community forum from a Surface buyer.

Surface Pro 3

Expressing his disappointment, Jarem says that even after 3 replacements the tablet still continues to pose problems. The tablet’s fan is quote loud, coupled with unusual hotness, he mentions,

“After dropping over $2k on a product, this isn’t what I expect to see after 3 minutes of light web browsing. Not very happy at the moment as you can guess. I’m assuming that, with a working unit, you’re not supposed to even hear the fan under normal usage. Right out of the box, before & after all updates and firmware are installed : the back of the unit becomes uncomfortably hot and its fan spins very loudly on idle and while performing minor tasks such as web browsing (even sites without flash or heavy ad use)”.

Jarem further says,

“I was surprised to hear it the first time, as it sounds like white noise coming from the right speaker. Even under its idle state, my Surface Pro 3 is currently the loudest thing in my office (and that’s including my PC running 3 video cards SLI). At its peak (IE: high octane tasks like browsing slashdot.com and reading OneNote entries), the fan noise is ear-piercing and the heat produced is immensely hot. I mean, it’s not something you’d want to hold, immense”.

The problem appears to be happening with the  i7 models of Surface Pro 3 tablets. No matter what application is being run on the tablet whether it is games, browsing or videos the problem is happening randomly. Several other users of Surface Pro 3 i7  also raised this issue in that post.

Getting the faulty Tablet replaced at a Microsoft store is recommended, however another firmware update for the Surface Pro 3 looks imminent.

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