F-Secure tops AV-Tests antivirus protection list for Windows 8.1

When you have enormous choices of antivirus protection programs, it becomes difficult to choose the best and the most efficient one. The best way to choose the right program is to go with the tests and analysis done. One such analysis is done by AV-Tests and one of the antivirus protection programs that tops the list, is F-Secure.

Antivirus protection

During the months November and December 2013, AV-Test evaluated 25 home user security products. The testing was using the default settings of these top antivirus protection programs. The most important thing is that the testing was done using the most current version of the products that is available for the public. The website mentions about the products that,

“They were allowed to update themselves at any time and query their in-the-cloud services. We focused on realistic test scenarios and challenged the products against real-world threats. Products had to demonstrate their capabilities using all components and protection layers.”

F-Secure is is the simple, easy-to-use program that works on the basic principles of acting against virus threats. Though it consists of less number of features, as compared to the other well-known antivirus protection programs, F-Secure efficiently does what any antivirus protection program should do. It monitors your PC closely, detects and removes any virus or malware threats before they can be harmful for your system.

During the test, F-Secure antivirus protection program showed positive results. In the test of protection against malware infections, F-Secure offered 100% protection in November as well as December. Its performance score is 5.5 out of 6, as its average influence on computer speed in daily usage came out to be 2 seconds. Under usability, F-Security’s score is 5 out of 6; where it showed some significant results in false warnings during installation of a software and false detection of legitimate software as malware during a system scan. However, the antivirus protection program did not show any false warnings while browsing websites or false blockages when using or installing legitimate software.

Others like eScan, Norton Internet Security, Trend Micro, Panda, BitDefender, Avira, G-Data & Kaspersky too performed equally well in terms of Protection offered.

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  1. Descanso

    Both Kaspersky and Bitdefender scored higher, so apart from being at the top of the list it was not the best

  2. Paul Winstone

    Agreed with the previous quote. Kasperky is better and that’s allegedly based on BitDefender engine anyway. With both scoring higher I’m happy that I stuck with BitDefender.

  3. Javier

    I haven’t tried out recent f-secure versions, but I have used kaspersky recently and I am currently using bitdefender. About Kaspersky, it is really outstanding, not too heavy, and really efficient. As for Bitdefender, it is very very heavy. It is much heavier than I thought after I saw comparisons charts. Finally, do not forget that F-secure has a “little” more experience in antivirus detection than probably any(or most) of the actual alternatives. It is one of the oldest antivirus trend and I have to remark, it has always been a really efficient scanner. So I am pretty much installing it in the short term to replace bitdefender. I still remember how many times f-secure saved me in the past :).

  4. Ankit Gupta

    Thanks for dropping in ! Please, do share your experience 🙂

  5. Thomas

    Hmmm, I fail to see why it is top of the list in the graphic, it appears top of the list only due to the numerical sort applied to the “Testreport” column and not due to the overall measurement based on the three metrics. Compare it with Kaspersky and Bitdefender — these clearly had a better performance than F-Secure, or am I missing something?

  6. Fran

    I, too, have used Kaspersky and found it excellent. I only wish they offered a free version, though.

  7. Ankit Gupta

    Many Kaspersky fans here ! I am sure they have lived up to the rankings.

  8. Ankit Gupta

    Please do refer below link

    BitDefender and Kaspersky top Internet Security Suite AV-Test


  9. Vinod

    Hi All,

    I have 2 queries

    1. Is Morton Internet security a new Anti-virus in the market?
    2. How important is F-secure in managing malware, adware, riskware, spyware and also virus compared with other security software?

    Thanks and regards,

    Vinod Vanukuru

  10. Typo edited. It is Norton. F-Secure is among the leading security companies – so you may consider it too as a dependable option on your computer.

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