Facebook adds Remote Logout feature to boost Security

Facebook, the social networking giant, is rolling out a new security feature that lets users see which computers and devices are logged into their Facebook accounts, and then removing the ones that they don’t want to have access.

This new feature reminds me of Gmail again!

This feature would come handy when you discover that your account is hacked or some one else is using it from some other place. In such a case, you can remotely logout the profile from the particular location.

Facebook is slowly rolling out this new feature to everyone, so will have to wait for couple of days to explore more about it.

Facebook also has a feature to notify you when ever there is a new login into your Facebook account from the new device/computer. You need to configure it on your account settings so that when there is a unregistered device/computer login to your Facebook account, then you will be notified immediately via email.

Facebook has been working out on such security measures, to control spam and improve the privacy of its users.

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