Facebook completes a decade and takes you down the memory lane

The social media website which transformed the way we network, Facebook turns 10 today. Here’s wishing a very Happy Birthday to the world’s most popular and successful social network. On the occasion, Mark Zukerberg, founder of Facebook released an open letter to all Facebook users telling them how he, along with his college friends invented the platform. An American film was also made on Zuckerberg’s story named The Social Network, which was a major success back in the year 2010.

We all have been using the platform for socializing and networking, which controls the accounts of more than 1 billion users across the world. Now that’s quite an achievement for Facebook and to have retained the users for a decade is definitely something to be proud of. I mean, think about it, you have been committed to the network for 10 years and admit it, you can’t imagine life without Facebook  🙂

And to make it’s 10th birthday, Facebook gives all its users, a present in the form of a tool which takes you back for a ride to your Facebook memories right from when you joined. ‘Lookback‘ is a compilation of a slideshow of your pictures and videos from your Facebook profile, which plays along with nice music. Go down the memory lane here, its endearing. And here is Mark Zukerbeg’s open letter:

Today is Facebook’s 10th anniversary.

It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. It’s rare to be able to touch so many people’s lives, and I try to remind myself to make the most of every day and have the biggest impact I can.
People often ask if I always knew that Facebook would become what it is today. No way.
I remember getting pizza with my friends one night in college shortly after opening Facebook. I told them I was excited to help connect our school community, but one day someone needed to connect the whole world.
I always thought this was important — giving people the power to share and stay connected, empowering people to build their own communities themselves.
When I reflect on the last 10 years, one question I ask myself is: why were we the ones to build this? We were just students. We had way fewer resources than big companies. If they had focused on this problem, they could have done it.
The only answer I can think of is: we just cared more.
While some doubted that connecting the world was actually important, we were building. While others doubted that this would be sustainable, you were forming lasting connections.
We just cared more about connecting the world than anyone else. And we still do today.
That’s why I’m even more excited about the next ten years than the last. The first ten years were about bootstrapping this network. Now we have the resources to help people across the world solve even bigger and more important problems.
Today, only one-third of the world’s population has access to the internet. In the next decade, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to connect the other two-thirds.
Today, social networks are mostly about sharing moments. In the next decade, they’ll also help you answer questions and solve complex problems.
Today, we have only a few ways to share our experiences. In the next decade, technology will enable us to create many more ways to capture and communicate new kinds of experiences.
It’s been amazing to see how all of you have used our tools to build a real community. You’ve shared the happy moments and the painful ones. You’ve started new families, and kept spread out families connected. You’ve created new services and built small businesses. You’ve helped each other in so many ways.
I’m so grateful to be able to help build these tools for you. I feel a deep responsibility to make the most of my time here and serve you the best I can.
Thank you for letting me be a part of this journey.

So, how has your journey with Facebook been? Good or bad? Are you bored or you still can’t get enough of it? Do share with us!

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Lee Whittington is a Tech Reporter and a Developer with the TWC Team. He has been writing for TWCN for several years and has also developed several freeware apps for The Windows Club, most of which have been very popular worldwide.

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