Facebook founder could get death penalty in Pakistan

Social networking website, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg is being investigated by Pakistani police under a section of the penal code that makes blasphemy against Muhammad punishable by d-e-a-t-h.

BBC Urdu reports, that Pakistan’s Deputy Attorney General has launched a criminal investigation against Zuckerberg and others in response to the social networking website Facebook hosting a “Draw Muhammad” contest on its site late last month.

According to The Register, petitioner Muhammad Azhar Sidiqque said he’s waiting for the police to contact Interpol about making arrangements for the arrest of Facebook’s owners. The site also says that the Deputy Attorney General told the High Court that Pakistan’s United Nations representative has asked to escalate the issue in the UN General Assembly.

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  1. Newman

    Woah! Is it so serious that even Google refuses to display ads on this page

  2. max vogan

    What a bunch crap! they are so self rightous!

  3. Ernestas

    So stupid…

  4. Adam Phoenix

    Typical, they can destroy the icons of every other religion but no one touches theirs.

  5. Las Vegas Lawyer

    Further investigations should be implied. Death penalty is not necessary; i think it is more on disrespectful side.

  6. Nathan

    Does anyone actually think they would be able to put him to death?

  7. ROck

    they are fail state..they wont survive in the comeing yrs..so let them say anything

  8. Kitchenw

    Its a way to absorb the entire content and entity of an ownership and control content of some thing which does not belong to them, and is controlled and originates somewhere else. Where as, the Pakastani Gov could control the content which is produced within and enters their country….dictatorships????

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