Facebook and Instagram Suffer Global Outage – DDoS Suspected

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  1. Dan

    Lizard Squad, pals of the one caught, or someone else using that name? I’ve seen Google be more “analytical” this month re vpns at least in the USA; right now, if I tried to use Cyberghost I would be met in any browser with a Google error page saying pin-key data don’t match, “sorry! no Google access”…which w/o more known makes me suspect vulnerable routers/modems again; are these ddos calls emanating from Google VM machines again, especially with the Tor community reporting ongoing directory authority rejections of bridges/exit nodes (and use of any vpn not yet mentioned); or are these ddos events coming from diverse concurrent single IPs?

  2. Arun Kumar

    Could be. There are several other compromised devices from the IoT people build to control their home electricity and other things. In such cases as routers and other connected devices, people don’t even care to change their default passwords so they are easy to compromise. And hackers are making good use of them.

  3. Dan

    Thanks; you mention more attack vectors that sometimes slip my consideration. Hackers are making use of bad gateways alright; according to Krebs’ site recently, he reminds the actual code Lizard Squad types are using was first discovered a while ago by “Dr. Web”, and he defines it as “crude” code…if something so simple can easily be passed around miscreants having minimum skills like a new “party favor”, and pranksters just need to ping for points of access, all gateways will need to get as secure against such intrusions as (ironically) current Comcast-issued routers/modems appear to be. Cheers!

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