Facebook introduces Page Plugin; retires the Like box plugin

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  1. “this will allow them to take advantage of the newest platform features..” yea, like max/min size limitations, no transparency.. nice new features those 🙁

  2. What a disaster this new “improved” page plugin is for website developers!.

    With so many limitations and loss of features compared to the old like box, this new pluging gives us only one option;
    Remove it from our websites as any integration attempt only leads to it standing out like a HUGE SORE THUMB on the website page. Every single one of our website clients HATE IT and have all requested that we remove it from their website.
    This new “improved” page plugin now give you the following advantages:
    Width limited
    Height limited
    NO Custom CSS
    No Transparency
    Maximim of 13 faces of people that like your page
    Well done guys !, it’s an awesome step backwards 🙁
    So sad how we programmers love “fixing” things that aint broke and do nothing about the things that are broken.

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