Facebook launches Friendship Pages

What is this new feature from Facebook named Friendship Pages ? We know Facebook has introduced some useful security feature as well as unlimited High definition photo upload feature recently. Adding to the list of new feature, Facebook has launched another new feature named Friendship Pages.

These Friendship Pages let you to check out all the posts, photos, videos which are shared between you and your friend. Could you remember that first Wall post with your best friend ?

Using this new feature, you can now check out all the things happened between you and your friend alone.

They contain the public Wall posts and comments between two friends, photos in which both are tagged, events they RSVP’d for together and more. You’ll be able to see a Friendship page if you are friends with one of the people and have permission to view both people’s profiles.

This can bring back the best memories, conversations and the best times you have spent together.

You can find a Friendship page from links under relevant Wall posts, under relationship stories and under the main photo on a friend’s profile page.

What’s your take on this new feature ? Do let us know.

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