Facebook Lite launched in U.S. and India

Originally intended to be used in countries where high speed Internet connections are sparse or non-existant, apparently Facebook has realized there’s a real desire among all its users to have a smaller version of the service.

facebook lite

This has prompted launch of a lighter version of Facebook called as ‘Facebook Lite’ for USA and India.

This move into the U.S. market with Lite is also interesting because rival MySpace did a similar thing to remove bloat back in April.

So why India as well? India is one of the countries that was originally being targeted by Facebook Lite, and it was the first test space it launched in several months ago. India also represents an area where Facebook is growing very fast. So fast, in fact, that Yahoo may have shut down a social network of its own, SpotM, in response to it. Google’s Orkut remains the leader in the country, however.

Read More : TechCrunch | Inside Facebook.

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  1. Love it! I’m in the US and this is a good thing; this version of Facebook. Feels a little “old school” and its a good feeling. Less shit cluttering up the UI.

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