Facebook testing out ‘Subscribe To’ new feature

Facebook is quietly rolling out many new features. Previously we had seen several new features including the security feature of remote log out; and now the next feature is Subscribe To feature for its users. This new feature allows subscribing to people’s updates. It lets you to subscribe to all the actions of the specific user.

Once you’ve subscribed, when ever the user posts an update or comments, you will be notified!

Using this new Subscribe To feature, you don’t miss any updates from people you subscribe to. This subscribing feature is already present on Facebook pages where you see the updates, when ever there is a post on the Facebook page. Adding to it for users might have had some blacklash, because users who had opted for mobile notifications, would be flooded and they would possibly not know how to turn it off.

Only upon releasing it to the whole public and based upon the feedback, Facebook users can now customize it to suit their personal preferences. When subscribing to the person’s profile, it will alert you whenever the person updates their status, posts a photo, or shares a link.

Do let us know if you’ve got this new feature on your Facebook page.

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