Facebook user fakes suicide; Lands in Mental Asylum

Facebook user Shane said he wanted to test the Facebook suicide prevention tool and hence he posted suicidal material on the social networking site. Anyway, he had to spend 72 hours in a mental asylum as no one was willing to take any chances. Facebook suicide prevention tools locks up the suicidal users’ account and provides him or her with suicide prevention material.

Facebook Suicide Prevention Tool

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In Shane’s case, he posted that the Bank of America has messed up with his home loan and that he’ll commit suicide at some public place – with a board saying Bank of America killed him and left his kids fatherless and homeless. We cannot say for sure if it was a fake post. Neither could Facebook. Not willing to take any chances, the account was frozen and local cops were informed when a Facebook friend of Shane alerted Facebook by reporting the post to them.

Facebook informed cops who found out where he lived – because he had used his original Facebook account to post the suicidal message. He was taken into custody and handed over to San Mateo mental asylum who ran some six blood tests and some urine tests to make sure he had not consumed anything that might affect his life.

Shane maintained that it was a fake post but the hospital retained him for 72 hours to keep an eye on his activities and only after being convinced, released him to cops who sent him home. The Facebook Suicide Prevention Tool is for real. Shane learned it the hard way and had seen the consequences.

Meanwhile, users of Facebook appreciate the new suicide prevention tool that educates people on living life rather than giving it up. The tool is new and comes just before Facebook released a set of community guidelines on what all types of posts will be accepted and what posts will provoke an action from the social networking site.

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  1. Dan

    As a purely theoretical postulate, elemental dynamics suggesting suicide is epidemic or pandemic enough to warrant its own branch of social media monitoring, what would happen where it seemed any Facebook user appeared to feel something or someone had diminished them to nothing…and they felt no one was listening as somehow such reduction was the whole point of others in their interpersonal activities; would any nature of things/third-party influences be addressed, for example in cases of bullying or extortion or other abuse, or would a Facebook poster found to be confronting bona fide wrong things just be labelled a “nut” while anything/anyone in the wrong was left to flower on?

    I ask because many seem to know what will happen to posters of this or that matter on social media, but very little seems to be easily available on what happens if institutionalized monitors, and especially authorities monitors report to, uncover truth behind “worrisome” user’s postings. There have been places in history where times were depicted as halcyon, but only if one were not one of the many “less mentally strong” some “unionized” lands were plagued with…comrade. Nothing against preventing a large problem of suicide, just wondering what happens after “nuts” are labelled and dealt with.

    Thank you for another great article, cheers!

  2. lol this is a good example of how to be careful testing any software 😀

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