Facebook’s Surprise Launch To Bring Facebook Smartphone Or Search Engine?

Ever since Mark Zukerberg and his crew sent an invitation to select media last week quoting, “Come and see what we are building” everyone is speculating what Facebook CEO and his team are up to.Mark-Zuckerberg-1

More than one billion users worldwide are speculating what could be the mysterious launch from Facebook. The answer to this mystery will be revealed at Facebook headquarters in Melno Park, San Fransisco at 10am PT on Tuesday, 15 January 2013.

What could it be?

While every writer and technology analysts are in utter confusion on what Facebook is coming up with, most of them are speculating that Facebook is offering its own branded Smartphone. Some rumors say Mark Zuckerberg is launching new Facebook Search Engine. Some unrelenting rumors also say that Facebook is purchasing the Atlas ad serving network from Microsoft.

Though, the Facebook team is maintaining a silence about their new launch, but it would surely be a grand launch.

Whatever it is, but it has surely taken the Facebook share price up. A Facebook share which was at US $ 18 in September 2013 has jumped to US $30 on Monday and still higher at US $38 on Tuesday.

Anything is possible at this point of time and that’s all we know for now.

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