FIDO Support for Windows 10, announces Microsoft

Microsoft recently announced that the FIDO support is coming to Windows 10. Microsoft has also contributed the design inputs to FIDO, the Fast Identity Online alliance. The design inputs will be inserted within FIDO 2.0 Technical Specifications.

FIDO support

Dustin Ingalls from Microsoft mentions in his blog on the Windows Blogs:

“Our current implementation in the Windows 10 Technical Preview reflects our inputs into the FIDO 2.0 Specification Technical Working Group and members of the Windows Insider Program can start evaluating it right away. The current Technical Preview build enables a number of enterprise scenarios and it showcases our integration with Windows 10 sign-in, Azure Active Directory, and access to major SaaS services like Office 365 Exchange Online, Salesforce, Citrix, Box, Concur, just to name a few.”

FIDO support for Windows 10

FIDO support for Windows 10 will ensure that the transition from ‘password bound environment’ to a ‘password less environment’ will be smooth and secure as expected. Creating a stronger form of identity is one of the greatest challenges faced in online computing. And Microsoft is certain that FIDO support for Windows 10 will provide the path to success.

Through its collaboration with FIDO Alliance, Microsoft will be able to develop authentication that is open, interoperable and scalable and which can replace dependability on passwords. This way, users will be given more secure authentication for all sorts of online services.

FIDO or Fast Identity Online, is a standard framework that helps create a user experience consisting of strong authentication that has less involvement of passwords. Microsoft mentioned how FIDO support will be helpful for Windows 10.

“Interoperability of FIDO products is a hallmark of FIDO authentication and for this reason we’re confident that it will succeed in transforming the industry. We’re excited about the prospect of bringing a FIDO solution to market and how it will solve a critical need for both enterprises and consumers alike.”

Read more about this announcement on the Windows blog.

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