Files App on iOS now fully supported by Microsoft Office Apps

Microsoft has updates the Office Suite for iOS and now Word, Excel and Powerpoint are updated to the latest 2.12 version. The new update brings in a new set of features that will allow iOS users to use the Office Suite in a much more efficient manner. Most importantly the update arrives with ‘Open In’ a feature that lets users share sheet that is otherwise marked only for making a copy of an Office document.

Office Suite for iOS gets updated

The latest Office update lets you open files directly from Files. You can also create, edit and update paragraph styles in Pages for iOS.

This also means that the ‘Copy to’ is replaced by ‘Open In.’ All of this was discovered by Teddy Svoronos who tweeted the new feature along with screenshots. The Excel and the PowerPoint ‘Open In’ directly from the share sheet and so does the .docx files. Henceforth iOS users can directly open documents in Word app by simply tapping on them.

That being said if the file fails to open in the correct tool then you can always choose ‘Open in’ first. Unlike Android wherein you can simply open any kind of files from the File Manager the iOS behaves very differently. Irrespective of the extensions the Office files in the File Manager had to be accessed via the Microsoft App. For instance a Word document in the File Manager could only be accessed by opening Microsoft Word. Opening the document included steps like tapping the ‘More’ button in the ‘Open’ menu and then locating the file and opening the same.

Select apps like OneDrive already supported the Files app in iOS and now the same is being extended to the Office files. Apparently the feature is designed in such a way that the most frequently accessed Microsoft Office document will automatically pop up in the Files app. Other than that Outlook on iOS will no notify users about their upcoming appointments while one can set the Excel to perform calculations across a select range of data. Options like rotate and resize will now be available for SVG images.

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