Firefox 24 released – Supports WebRTC, NFC Sharing; Gets built-in Reader

It has been just over a month since Firefox 23 was released, and today, a few minutes ago, Mozilla released the 24th version of its browser. All the platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android have got the update.

For the Windows desktop user, it is a rather minor update. But there are some cool addition none the less. On Firefox 24, you can close all tabs to the right of the current tab by right clicking on any tab and selecting “Close Tabs to the right”. This could help you if you do heavy browsing and want all your tabs to be well sorted. Along with that, there is something for social media enthusiasts as well. They can now drag the chat windows to view them separately. The Mac’s version has a new scrollbar style.

Other than that, there has been some improvements in the loading time of New Tab Page. SVG rendering improvements make image scaling and tilting much better. A unified browser console has been provided to tackle and keep tracks of bugs and errors.

quickshareThe Android version has finally got support for WebRTC standard, and it is enabled by default. Offering features such as browser-to-browser calls, and ability to share data within the clients, this hints that Firefox is building support for peer-to-peer technology. Besides that, you can now “quickshare” your browser activity with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, SMS or email. The biggest addition though is, that the Android version supports sharing of data through NFC-enabled devices. Another noteworthy addition is the built-in Reader, which lets you save articles for offline reading.

With this aggressive update cycle, Firefox is showing how quickly it is adopting to new technology and improving the existing ones. This sure will help them gain more trust of its users.

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