Firefox 40 lets you use any search engine with Cortana

The latest version of Firefox 40 lets users use any search engine with Cortana and that too without any third party apps. You don’t need to stick with Bing to make searches with Cortana. However, you have to set Firefox as your default search engine for that.


While installing Windows 10, Microsoft sets Edge as a default browser automatically, particularly for the users who opt the express installation settings. Microsoft’s search engine Bing is closely linked to Cortana in Windows 10. Your personal digital assistant opens the search results in your default web browser but uses Bing to show the search results. While, you can change this by using some third party apps, Firefox makes it simple for you.

If you don’t want Cortana to open the search results in Bing, set Firefox as your default web browsers and see the search results with your favorite search engine.

Mozilla team writes, “We’ve made thoughtful tweaks to the interface to give Firefox a streamlined feel, you’ll also notice bigger, bolder design elements as well as more space for viewing the Web.”

Firefox, for now is the only web browser which allows users to select their search engine while performing searches through Microsoft’s personal digital assistant Cortana.

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