Firefox 48 released; Disables unsigned addons, supports safe downloads

Mozilla Firefox 48 is out as a stable channel and available for download. Besides mandatory add-on signing, this major update brings some notable changes and a few functionality improvements including WebRTC enhancements.

New Features in Firefox 48

  • The latest version of Firefox brings an improved ‘roar for moar’ protection against the malicious downloads. There are two new security options ‘Block dangerous downloads’ and ‘Warn me about unwanted and uncommon software’ ticked by default.
  • The add-ons now onwards are required to be digitally signed and verified by Mozilla. Non-verified add-ons will not load.
  • There is a new process separation enabled by default which splits the main Firefox browser from other loaded web content thereby blocking direct access to the filesystem.
  • The updated version of Firefox brings the handy super smart icons providing an easy and quick access.
  • Firefox Hello, delayed agnostic AEC, support for Cloning of MediaStream and MediaStreamTrack, support for ICE Restart & update and full duplex for GNU/Linux include the WebRTC enhancements in Firefox 48.
  • Tab (move buttons) and Shift + F10 (pop-up menus) for Windows users.
  • Better Canvas performance with speedy Skia support for Linux users.
  • Other features for developers include the Firebug Theme, a geometry editor and a tree map view for the memory tool to help them with the debugging processes.

If you are using Firefox 47.0.1, you can update it to the latest Firefox 48. Other updates are available for download starting today, i.e., August 2, 2016. With the latest update, Firefox ends support for Mac OSX 10.6/7/8. While the browser will work on these Mac platforms, they won’t be receiving any security updates or new features further.

Head over the official blog to learn more about Firefox 48.

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  1. Simon

    You can still install unsigned addons.

    In the Program directory ( C:Program Files (x86)Mozilla Firefox for
    example) put a “config.js” with:

    try {
    catch(ex) {}

    Then, in “C:Program Files (x86)Mozilla Firefoxdefaultspref” put a
    config-pref.js with

    pref(“general.config.filename”, “config.js”);

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