Firefox bleeding browser market share to Chrome; IE maintains the lead

Mozilla Firefox is bleeding browser market share to Google Chrome and sliding fast. Not long ago, Firefox enjoyed the 2nd place in the browser market share, however the last one year and so it has been given that position to Chrome. Not just that, if the slide continues, it may soon end up touching a single digit figure.

Reported by Net Applications, a company measuring browser market shares, Firefox is currently installed on 11.60% of PC’s connected to the internet. This is their largest drop since 2006.

Firefox’s loss in Chrome’s gain

In the last 11 months, from April 2014 – Feb 2014, Firefox market share has fallen from 17.00% to 11.60% a drop of 5.4%. For the same period, Chrome’s market saw an upsurge of 6.77%, climbing from 17.92% to 24.69%. It is Chrome that seems to be eating Firefox’s lunch and it is the first time that Google’s OS has breached the 24 % mark.

On the other hand, IE seems to have maintained its lead over others, but may face competition from Chrome in the near future. Dropping just 0.5% market share to Chrome, IE tops the list with 57.38% of the browser market share. But with Chrome eating fast it is the IE that must take measures to prevent its pie.


Much was expected from Apple’s OS Safari which could have been an ideal player to have eaten Firefox’s and attain # 3 position, however Safari itself dropped market share of 0.82%, slipping from 5.66% to 4.84% and becoming a distant #4.  The beneficiary here is again Google Chrome.


Netscape completes the Top 5 list with a 0.31 % market share, a marginal increase of 0.04% over the last year.

The biggest loser, Firefox, can still make a comeback with a greater marketing push. It has also made design improvement of late. Now a day, extension is built mainly for Chrome. Perhaps, wooing developers and building apps and applications for itself could help the comeback for Firefox.

Ankit Gupta is a writer by profession and has more than 7 years of global writing experience on technology and other areas. He follows technological developments and likes to write about Windows & IT security. He has a deep liking for wild life and has written a book on Top Tiger Parks of India.


  1. jensenjs

    Sad but true, FF are still the best browser, but the average user seems to enjoy the two “big brother watching you” browsers.

    All browsers have some kind of data collection, harvesting and selling, bur FF is far the best if you want a browser that have a good legal reputation and at the same time make you manage it for your own best.

    And that Chrome is so popular just show how little people care about their safe browsing, and then they’re at the same time complaining about “big brother”

    Well, it up to the individual to chose.

  2. Ankit Gupta

    You have raised a very important issue. Data tracking is indeed not appreciated.

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