Firefox new experiment Email Tabs makes it easier to share links via email

Mozilla’s Firefox Test Pilot team has introduced a new feature in its browser called as Email Tabs. Currently, in test pilot phase, Email Tabs makes it easier for users to share links via email when browsing. Usually, if you want to share a link you would need to copy and paste it into your email. Though this is still the most popular way of sharing links, even today, it is not really an elegant technique. However, with Email Tabs, you can share it directly from a whole list of tabs within Firefox in a few short steps.

Firefox Email Tabs

Firefox Team announced on the official blog,

Email remains one of the top ways people save and share online, so you likely do what we do: help make everyone’s life easier by diligently copy and pasting the URLs, titles, and descriptions into a list. What if Firefox could make that process easier? Thanks to our new Test Pilot experiment Email Tabs, it can.

If you’re the group organizer (or aspire to be), use Email Tabs to quickly and easily share a collection of links via email. Email tabs let you select multiple tabs and automatically populates them into a Gmail message.

Choose how much you want to share with Firefox Email Tabs

With Email Tabs, you have the option of how much you want to share. To begin, click the Email Tabs icon at the top the browser and select the tabs you want to share. You can decide how much of the content you want to send like only the links, a screenshot preview or the full text. Then, just hit send and your selection will be automatically sent to your Gmail inbox. The operation would be continuous if you are logged into your Gmail account. Support for other Email services providers like Yahoo and Outlook is still under progress.

You can also save the links for future reference as Email Tabs allows you to copy multiple tabs to Clipboard.

Mozilla says that Email Tabs is completely safe from a browsing perspective as well. It does not collect any information about user’s email address, email contacts or the URLs of any websites they visit or send while using Email Tabs.

Try Email Tabs here.

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