Firefox Premium for Enterprise launched

Mozilla Firefox is known for providing a secure browsing experience. To make this experience more hassle-free, the company has launched Firefox Premium, a new service for enterprise customers that uses the open-source browser.

Firefox Premium service

Mozilla launches Firefox Premium service

In addition to safe browsing, Firefox Premium service will provide small/large business establishments and organizations with improved support options. The Firefox premium support for enterprise will start at $10 per supported installation and in comparison, to free basic version of the browser, will provide the following benefits,

  1. Enterprise customer portal
  2. Proactive notification on critical Firefox events
  3. Private bug submission
  4. SLA management tool
  5. Critical security bug fixes with SLA
  6. Contribute to Firefox and our roadmap
  7. Concierge bug entry with guaranteed response time

The new offering comes little over a year after Mozilla announced Firefox Quantum for Enterprise, a mechanism that enabled IT, professionals, to configure the browser using Windows Group Policy or a cross-platform JSON file.

Unlike Firefox Premium, the Firefox Extended Support Release edition will remain free and available for use by anyone at no cost. Also, the service is not just limited to Windows. Mac and Linux based operating systems have also been listed in the systems requirements.

The Firefox Premium plan will assist Enterprises in deploying, customizing, and managing the browser installations. Currently, Mozilla has made this service available only to US users with a Firefox account. It will be rolled out gradually in the coming weeks.

With Mozilla making this move, it appears the company is trying to make the browser deal more attractive for organizations and in a way, also trying to diversify its revenue sources. For more information and download Firefox for your enterprise, visit the Mozilla Webpage.

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