Rogue Flash Player Updates mislead people to install Unwanted Programs

It has been noticed that some companies are adopting nefarious tactics to lure people install and pay for the software and other products they do not need at all. As a regular practice, most of us like keeping our systems and its software updated to avoid becoming victims of exploits and cyber threats. As such, we may find it essential at times to install recommended updates.

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It is particularly noteworthy to mention here that sometimes, rogue players or malware pushers misuse this practice to push Potentially Unwanted Programs on to users computers. Malwarebytes found that the name of  Java too was being misused to push ‘Flash Player updates’ which did not contain the usual files but  something different bundled with additional, unnecessary tools.

For instance, when you are downloading this “flash update” you may end up seeing BrowserDefender or BrowserDefendert in the installer options. Even if you never requested for such programs, they have now occupied space in services and startup programs! This can be annoying!

Unwanted programs that may get installed

  1. Delta Toolbar (adware/spyware)
  2. PC Utilities Pro Optimizer Pro (scareware)
  3. Strong Vault and SMessaging (adware)
  4. Backup Agent (Bugged)
  5. Webcake Desktop (adware)
  6. BrowserDefender

Furthermore, you may find a page popping up during the install, thanking you for trusting the services offered by it. Interestingly, a Malwarebytes highlights websites that mislead people into downloading software that they never ask for. You can check it out and avoid visiting such addresses via your web browser.

It is best to download updates from the original software vendors site.

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