Free Microsoft Azure for Student Developers announced

Microsoft has a great news for Student developers. The company has made an announcement that it is providing Azure services at absolutely no cost for student developers. Students can take full advantage of this new offering as it provides a great platform for understanding and exploring the power of cloud through Microsoft Azure.


The free Azure announcement for students is in line with Microsoft Imagine – an initiative which is aimed to encourage coding to make ideas a reality by providing right tools and knowledge. As Microsoft Azure service is now free for students, it acts as an important tool to turn creative ideas into something tangible in the form of a website or a web app or a cloud service.

One can fully leverage the benefits which Microsoft Azure offers in terms of speed and flexibility enabling the creation and development of websites and web apps. Microsoft Azure for student developers is available across 140 countries, one can straight away go and deploy their apps without worrying about a credit card and at no cost.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure for student developers

If you are a student enrolled in Dreamspark, you are going to get the following services for free:

  • Azure App Service Web Apps is nothing but a fully managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) which helps build, deploy and scale web Apps in quick time.  Industry standard languages like ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js or Python can be used. One can run popular web apps and CMS solutions including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco or DotNetNuke and can very easily set up continuous integration and deployment workflows with VSO, GitHub, TeamCity, Hudson or BitBucket.
  • Application Insights is a powerful tool to measure performance of applications. It provides a 360° view across availability, performance and usage of your ASP.NET services and mobile applications for Windows Phone, iOS and Android platforms. Application Insights helps in improving application, prioritize future actions and to improve overall user experience.
  • Visual Studio Online provides the flexibility in planning, building and shipping softwares across different platforms without having to install or configure a single server.

The announcement of Microsoft Azure for student partners was made on Steven Guggs blog.

If you are a student, you can sign up as a student developer and take full advantage of Microsoft Azure.

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  1. Arun Kumar

    I saw it coming. Per what I studied, Microsoft is losing out on education sector. Probably that is the reason they made Office 365 free for students worldwide and now discounted Azure. I wish it was there when I was a student. 🙂

  2. Lakshmikanth

    The link which you have provided to sign up is not working in chrome kindly check and fix this issue asap

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