Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8 released

For all you creative painters, it’s time to extend your imagination to your mobile device as Microsoft launches Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8 too. Born on Windows 8, the popular digital painting application is now available on Windows Phone 8 allowing its users to create new artwork from their phone or tablet.

Windows Phone 8

Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8

With Fresh Paint app you can easily repaint your existing photos, create new artwork and make use of your phone’s camera to click a pic and then customize with your own colors. Similar to its working on a Windows 8 Laptop, Fresh Paint is pretty easy to use free painting application allowing users to use and grow their artistic instincts

The announcement was made through a Windows Phone blog post recently, where Microsoft said:

“Fresh Paint lets you make original works of art, or turn your photos into beautiful paintings with just a few taps. Use the Lens feature to get a live preview of your photo through various filters, like Sketch and Oil. When you’re painting something original, Fresh Paint lets you custom mix colors, choose different brushes, and adjust your brush size as needed. Make a mistake? Just tap undo.  When you’re all done, you can share your new creation via text message, email, or SkyDrive”.

So by using Fresh Paint app Windows Phone 8 users can enjoy various benefits like:

  • Use of realistic oil paint and brushes
  • Transform photos into paintings with artistic camera lenses
  • Easy sharing with a tap, text message, email or SkyDrive
  • Custom mix colors to create the perfect shades

Fresh Paint app works on Windows Phone 8 that have at least 1 GB RAM, thus effectively ruling out its compatibility with newly launched Nokia’s Lumia 625. Alsostylus friendly users must note that Windows Phone 8 doesn’t support them – hence you have to make use of finger painting or stylus without pressure sensitivity.

You can download your copy of Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8 here.

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