Full Windows 10 could replace Windows 10 Mobile in 2018

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  1. Jason Rasp

    So sick of listening to whiny idiots talking about how Microsoft discontinued devices and came out with new ones. That is what everyone does as new tech becomes available, the old devices are obsolete. I remember the same things as several iPhones have come out. The iPhone 3 and 3g weren’t able to update to the newest operating system after awhile as it made room for the 4 and 4s. Are you morons even watching the same things as everyone else is or is it that just like the rest of the media that wants to twist things to their advantage, that all they can do is come up with stories bashing someone else? Sick of it already. Find something peaceful and pleasant to report or say or don’t say anything at all. Very simple. How about Android Wear? I don’t hear anyone bashing them or how long it took to get the 2.0 update to work on the 1st and 2nd gen devices. Get a life already moron or don’t be subjective when writing an article.

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