Game broadcasting experience to improve further in Xbox One

Microsoft looks all set to release an update to Windows 10 in early 2017 with a whole raft of new features. The upcoming update, a.k.a. Windows 10 Creators Update will enable Windows 10 users to watch live game streams . Apart from this, the update will bring 2 more game oriented features to Xbox One – game broadcasting, tournament organization.

xbox-one Game broadcasting

Game Broadcasting in Xbox One to improve

The recent announcement at Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event suggests Windows 10 Creators Update will allow Windows 10 users to easily broadcast their gameplay and create their own tournaments on the fastest, most reliable multiplayer network – Xbox Live.

Videogame broadcast and consumption of live-streams has seen an upward growing trend in recent times. People like watching live streams for games for different reasons. For instance, acquainting them with the method of navigating an unfamiliar map or simply checking out if the game purchased is worthwhile or not.

Gaming is incredibly popular on Windows 10 – increasing 500% in the last year. The Creators Update will make it easy for you to create and enjoy live game streams and customized eSports tournaments on Xbox Live, mentions the Windows Blog Post.

The announcement reveals Microsoft would integrate Beam into the operating system with the Creators Update. The integration will make the task of casting any game extremely easier. A persistent toolbar will display the stream as well as a chat window. Xbox users can form networks and community called clubs based on various factors including location and interest.

By bringing Beam to Xbox, the company is attempting to create a more interactive gaming experiences for both the player and the viewer on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, allowing them to watch live game streams and offer a chance to interact in real time with broadcasters.

In addition to the above, Microsoft has got a great lineup of Xbox One S bundles available for some of its top blockbuster titles this holiday, giving you more choice than ever.


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