Get a Microsoft Band 2 by giving away your Apple Watch

Ever thought about becoming the owner of a Microsoft Band 2? It’s the perfect time to get one, but you must be the owner of an Apple Watch to take advantage of this offer the software giant has cooked up.

Here’s how it works; Microsoft will give you a band 2 if you trade-in your Apple Watch. According to the company, it will give you up to $250 for your Apple Watch, and that’s enough to get you a Band 2 right off the back.


Microsoft will pay $250 for your Apple Watch

Here’s the thing, not every version of the Apple Watch will get you that $250. Microsoft is focusing on the stainless steel version with the Milanese Loop, that model will get you the $250. When it comes down to the Apple Watch with the rubber band, Microsoft will slip you $200, and $150 for the Sports version.

Folks put up other wearables for trade, but don’t expect to earn much from those. For example, the Fitbit Flex will only shave $10 off the price of the Band 2, so right away it is clear there’s no point going that route unless you really want to get rid of the Fitbit.

According to the software giant, all devices traded in must have a working battery, no broken or missing components, must not be password protected, and should have the original accessories. We understand the offer runs up until February 7 and is only available to those in the United States and Canada.

Bear in mind that a customer can only trade-in one wearable, so if you have multiple stuff, send a friend or family member with the others.

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