Get your Playboy magazine archives, courtesy Silverlight.

Silverlight is bringing magazine memories back to life through Bondi Digital Publishing’s Cover to Cover. Starting with classic issues of Playboy and Rolling Stone, Cover to Cover features stunning quality and lets you browse and search decades of content that would otherwise be impossible to mine. A must-see.


Bondi Digital Publishing was looking for a way to put magazine archives on the Web and provide options for branding and monetization.

Enter Silverlight. Bondi founders were wowed by the high-resolution video quality, the ability to present mega repositories of image-based data and the ability to create a friendly, responsive user experience.

The first Cover to Cover collection is a 60-year archive of Playboy. That’s six decades of beautiful women like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, as well as a treasure trove of articles, cartoons, art, and interviews by modern masters such as Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, and Ray Bradbury.

Forty years of Rolling Stone is scheduled to launch in Fall 2009.

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