GiHub Education is now available for schools for free

Last week, Microsoft announced that they will be acquiring the open-source hosting giant GitHub. While the acquisition process of this code sharing and collaboration platform is being completed, they have today announced the general availability of a new program called GitHub Education Program where GitHub is practically offered for free to schools and education institutes. Earlier, this program was trailed and worked upon with some selected schools privately and hence it looks like the test was successful and the test results come out to be feasible.


GitHub Education Program

This program should not be confused with the availability of GitHub for teachers and students individually. This new program offers GitHub to schools and educational institutes where GitHub is made available and used for different sorts of work by the teachers as well as the students. GitHub Education is a step ahead of the previous initiatives for students and education instructors. With this new program, schools will get access to GitHub Enterprise or GitHub business Hosted Accounts along with the access to training, dedicated customer support and more for the school’s head of Information Technology or the CTO or Cheif Technology Officer and obviously, the exclusive GitHub swag.

Additionally, with this program, students will get an access to the Student Developer Pack. With this Student Developer Pack, the students will get access to tools and credits for services like Datadog, Travis CI and DigitalOcean for totally free of cost.

Just to get participation in this program, the main prerequisite is that you need to be a part of the management of a school. Then you will have to make GitHub available to all of its technical department. You should make sure that the faculty, as well as the students of the school, get regular announcements about the services and releases and send one person from each department for GitHub’s Campus Advisors training.

You can learn more about this new program here.

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