Google blocks all sites from its search results

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  1. thankfully, i didn’t use as my main site 😀
    and google should also do their plan on blocking sites using a freehost in search indexes..
    thanks for this usefull info bro. Keep up the good work.
    and i would like to mention, I think i’ll close down my site. I can’t even pay the renewal for my domain 🙁 I only have a few weeks to renew, until now can’t have enough funds…
    anyhow, I am planning to make premium themes to be sold on ovi store, and publish it on my site. If my site will still be available after a month.
    I hope i can find donators just this once 😉

  2. Hey Andy,
    Glad to hear this. Only means less competition or rather only healthy competition, which is welcome!

  3. Not all of those websites are spamy. I had my tumblr blog there and there was no malware, viruses, etc.

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