Google blocks all sites from its search results

Google has taken its fight against spammy sites to the next level. It has decided to stop indexing all websites.

This move on the part of Google has affected over 11 million sites, who have been removed from Google’s index, and that is quite a large number. It appears that a significant number of websites using this domain were spammy or shady websites. But unfortunately those who were running genuine websites have also been affected by this blanket decision. Try searching for sites and see.

Says Matt Cutts of Google:

We absolutely do try to be granular, but I wanted to mention that if we see a very large fraction of sites on a specific freehost be spammy or low-quality, we do reserve the right to take action on the freehost as a whole.

The .cc top-level domain belongs to the Cocos Islands, a small Australian territory in the Indian Ocean. is a Korean company based which offers free or almost free subdomains to anyone who is intersted in getting one, and it is this subdomain which has been affected.

So what next? Will  these spammy sites shut down their business? Or will they just get a new domain like .biz which is low-cost? Or perhaps simply move on to create a free account on or

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  1. Google blocks all too.

  2. yethz

    thankfully, i didn’t use as my main site 😀
    and google should also do their plan on blocking sites using a freehost in search indexes..
    thanks for this usefull info bro. Keep up the good work.
    and i would like to mention, I think i’ll close down my site. I can’t even pay the renewal for my domain 🙁 I only have a few weeks to renew, until now can’t have enough funds…
    anyhow, I am planning to make premium themes to be sold on ovi store, and publish it on my site. If my site will still be available after a month.
    I hope i can find donators just this once 😉

  3. Harry

    They would do better to block etc

  4. Sanjiv

    Hey Andy,
    Glad to hear this. Only means less competition or rather only healthy competition, which is welcome!

  5. Nathan Lee

    Not all of those websites are spamy. I had my tumblr blog there and there was no malware, viruses, etc.

  6. Smith John Smith

    hey this is the very good idea for remove the spamming…Google is the best…

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