Google launches Devices and Activity Dashboard and Security Wizard

Online security threats are getting more and more sophisticated with time and thus, it is very important to keep your protection tools update. Google today announced a new set of security tools for Google Apps users, especially the business users. These two new security tools let the business users manage their online security across their Google Apps. The two new tools to secure your Google Accounts are – Devices and Activity Dashboard and Security Wizard.

Devices and Activity DashboardDevices and Activity Dashboard

The new activity dashboard lets users a better control over their devices accessing their Google account. The dashboard shows the entire list of devices where you are signed in with your Google account and also devices that have been active on your Google account in last 28 days. It also shows the last activity done on your Google account from any of your devices. If you notice any suspicious activity in your account you can change the settings accordingly.

Security Wizard

Security Wizard is the second new tool launched by Google. The wizard shows the step-by-step instructions to adjust your security features. It includes 4 major security areas; Account recovery, recent activity, account permissions and app permissions.

These security settings provide a better and secure management of your online business account and also helps you staying a step ahead of potential online threats.

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