Google to discontinue 10 products including Google Desktop, Google Pack

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  1. I’ll have to look very diligently for a solution for installing Chrome on a computer for all users now that Google Pack is gone. -.-

  2. Good i hope they discontinue google period especially thier gmail , i google, google plus no one needs google and i wish anonomous had taken google and facebook out completly they all suck and twitter to a bunch of 2 face assholes are the only people using any that crap you cannot even get on a pc and just get news and pc stuff all you here about is android this i phone that shit should be somewhere else not on dam computers mac shit should be on mac sites not every dam site there is phones are taking over and you people like it beglad when the whole internet is down and obama will take that down someday and i will laugh

  3. Google always disappoints people. Even the recently started products are getting stopped. I think Microsoft may give a comment on this, because Microsoft products are active for longer period than Google’s. Its a plus point for Microsoft.

  4. When Google bought BumpTop, many believed they were doing it to create a new Google Desktop for Windows using BumpTop and adding their own widgets to it. Additionally it was thought they would by adding it to their Android Mobile phones, Tablet PC’s and the Google OS. Considering Google Desktop it discontinued, none of the Android devices use BumpTop and the previews of Google OS has no signs of BumpTop being added, its clear that what they bought, isn’t going to be used… And BumpTop wasn’t even competing with and of the Google application then or now.

    Makes you wonder what Google is actually up to….

  5. Technology improves and people’s needs change. We all know about Google and its most famous products. But do we know that Google has been discontinuing many of its products. Check out this article to know about list of main products been discontinued by Google:

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