Google displays a preview of every page in the search results

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  1. In Google Chrome itself ,it crashes after changing the search term for like 7 times. And if you want to correct something ,it can be very annoying. The normal mode is good for me.

  2. google instant i have had no problems and works very well you can also turn instant on/off also safe search can be used if required both can be chosen from the top right of my google home page(standard page)does not work on my google page which shows news and other desk top info. i hope this is of use. thank you.

  3. REPLY to scotara i am not 100per cent sure what you rearly mean but after reading your comment i switched over to chrome to have another look this also is instant and works very well without any problems my-self i dont like chrome any-more as they seem to have spoiled it from when i first set it up but instant works ok.

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