Google has finally put an end to Picasa. Long live Google Photos

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  1. Well it’s about time! I had a very serious issue with them some time ago and received zero support from them as well as from Google.It was thanx to someone who read my complaint in one of fifty or so “Forums” that helped me to a very appreciated end. I’m sorry, it was so long ago, I don’t remember your name but Thank You! So Picasa has never been mentioned in my house ever again. I just hope that Google Photos doesn’t bring Picasa’s bad habits.

  2. One reason that I have loved Picasa is that it has the best editing system, cropping, correcting focus, adding light etc. Will Google Photos have a similar system and can I upload it to a new Apple laptop. What about making prints? That was so easy with Picasa on a desktop since I could use my own printer. Ordering pictures from Walgreens just doesn’t cut it

  3. Thoughtless and heartless! If they’d just stopped new albums, ok, but I have hundreds, and at least as many links into them, and now all that’s going to be lost. Incredible. The local Picasa is good as it is, can be used. But the disappearnace of the cloud is worse than a thunderstorm for me. It’s a catastrope.

  4. wtf i need picasa from google not another shit.punyita i have my own website why i most make new website i have chrome. stop it. always error. sory make me stress now.

  5. Google has really done a disservice to Picasa users. Google Photos is really a terrible replacement for Picasa.

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