Google funded report says Chrome is most secure browser; Firefox least secure

Security firm Accuvant has released a study about the security features of the three most popular browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google’s Chrome.

The results show that Chrome is the most secure browser on the Internet and leads the way in innovating new security standards and safeguards.

Firefox, states the report, is badly lacking in several significant areas.

Although both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are competitive, Chrome is a little better, says Accuvant researcher Ryan Smith.

These 3 web browsers showed the most contrasts in these areas:

  1. Sandboxing
  2. Just-In-Time or JIT hardening and
  3. Plug-in security.

In all three areas, Google tied or beat the competition. However the report also did say that Chrome fails to effectively blacklist malicious URLs.

The study was commissioned by Google, reports Forbes, and focused on exploit mitigations.

You can read the full report here.

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  1. Dave

    Commisioned by Google and Google comes out on top. Who would have thought it!

  2. Paras Sidhu

    Sometimes, Google becomes funny… IE is best in security. Chrome is best in speed.

  3. Asrartheone

    LOL !! We never heard about a Google-commissioned survey and IE9 or Firefox coming on top, did we? Pretty obvious that this ain’t any genuine. IE9 is definitely the most secure browser.

  4. John Kirkham

    Funny how there was no mention of Opera.

  5. Jim Boyd

    Chrome comes out on top when it funds the study…just like IE is #1 if Microsoft funds the study. The whole thing is kinda laughable when you thing about it….

  6. Jim Boyd

    Considering you write extremely IE biased, and often totally misleading articles, about IE security…you should probably let this one go.


  7. Nsorano

    Google… nothing but lies. I will admit , they are good at one thing… blatant disregard of our privacy.

  8. Asrartheone

    Misleading ? LOL that was what the common not-geeky users faced with Chrome and Firefox. I just represented it on here.
    And yes, there’s no shocker if its said that IE9 is ofcourse more secure than dear Chrome and Firefox :O

  9. Bobby

    Even when confronted with the facts, you still wont admit IE9 security is seriously flawed…laughable.

  10. Nery Maschio

    firefox rules. I tried that crap from google it did not impress me. I have my firefox so tweet with the add ons and the know how to keep it fast and safe. google they want to data. every website you visited they have and more.

  11. ranna azam

    chrome is much better.. and it is much easy and fun to use than other browsers. firefox is also good for professional use..

  12. Corey Malone

    security is an opinion, you cannot simply say this feature leads to better security as one has not acutally assesed the acutal security of the written implementation.

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