Google to allow you to hide or block sites you dont like, from anywhere

Earlier this March, Google had introduced the option to allow users to block websites you did not want appearing in your search results. Starting today, Google has decided to allow its users to hide or block websites on all Google domains, from anywhere in the world.

It may happen that Google’s algorithm may be ranking a site high, but you as a user are dis-satisfied with it, when you visit it and you immediately leave that site or hit the back button to reach the Google search results page again.

If you hit the back button to reach the Google search results again, you will now see an entry to ‘Block all results from’. Clicking on it, will not only prevent the site from appearing in your search results in future, but also send a signal back to Google.

Earlier, Google had invited inputs from its users to report if you found scrapper sites appearing higher than the original sites. This is one more signal that Google will now looking for – to be able to improve its search ranking algorithm.

If you wish to remove a site from your list of blocked sites you can do so via >  Top right > Options > Search settings > Manage blocked sites, after logging in to your Google account.

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  1. japp

    This will be useful so thanks 🙂

  2. Bob

    This article gives me a happy. I HATE content farms. I don’t want them below the originals, I want the gone.

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